A Message to the Class 10 Students Facing the Board

  • By Superadministrator
  • 2 months ago
  • student

I know you are scared , it feels a burden to prove yourself , aim of scoring 90+ percent . Don't be sad if you didn't scored well in your previous exams , but it is the right time to start . Whenever you feel low just forget all the rough past and set T=0(time is equal to zero, start now) . Let me share my own experience . In the Half Yearly Examination I failed my mathematics paper... It was  shameful , whenever someone asked me my   score I couldn't answer  . It rankled from the inside,  I was depressed, I cried a lot. I was taunt for my failure which hurt a lot but then I decided to prove myself and started working on it. Taking those taunts as my inspiration I decided to prove myself.  I somehow managed to pass in the Pre-boards but that wasn't enough . Now I had two months before the Board and  I started   working harder . In the Boards my percentage was 92. You  can also achieve the same but you need to work for it . It is the right time to start. It is not so tough just focus on the NCERT and the basics . I bet you the happiness after scoring 90 plus percent is of another level . I still remember the smile of my mother and the tears of happiness in her eyes . The one who had to look down in shame owing to my failure had her head held high in pride. I was happy . Many people complemented me after seeing my photograph in the newspaper . It is the best gift I gave to my parents and myself. You can do the same. Just work hard . Start Today , your destiny is waiting for you.