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"She is just too shy." "She's a loner." "She has ego problems." "She is arrogant." "LONER." "Bookworm." "She's got no sense of life." "She's depressed"... No, I'm not shy, I'm not a loner, I don't have ego problems. No, I'm not at all arrogant, or depressed or a bookworm...

Yes, I do not talk much, not because I do not have anything to say, but because I think a hundred times before speaking, so that my words don't hurt you, so that I do not end up being ridiculed for something I didn't even mean to say. Yes, I do read books a lot, not because I am a bookworm, but because books are the best, most loyal companions...moreover, I like reading books. Why? Well, why do you like hanging out with friends?

Yes, I am often misunderstood, but probably it is not just your fault. People often seem to misunderstand the ones like me...the ones they call "introverts". It is not that I am lonely...I just want to be left alone for sometime so that I can actually spend some quality time with myself.

Even if I don't show my feelings, I do care. I might leave you alone when you are down, not because I don't care, but because I value space. I know that you need some time alone, without anyone to judge you, without anyone to interrupt you so that you can think about your problems, so that you can cry your heart out.

Please don't ever misunderstand me to be self-centred. I'm not. Please don't conclude anything about me without spending some time with me, without knowing me. Just let me get comfortable with you, though it may take some time, and you will know exactly what sort of person I am. I am nothing like you think. Let me remove the veils that I use to cover my true identity one by one and you'd be surprised to discover my true self.

A last note to all the others like me...Don't think you lack something. Don't ever underestimate yourself. You are much more than what everyone thinks you are. Let everyone think whatever they think about you. You don't have to fit in the box when you can be your individual self. Guys, you are the most creative beings ever born. Use your silence as your weapon. You have got the gift that not many are blessed with. Let them judge you, let them criticize you. It doesn't matter because you know what you are....


"I don't know how to be

 anything other than intense.


 I don't know how to experience without

 feeling too much and thinking too much.


 I don't know how to sit still

 and quiet my mind and just be.


I am always searching, always questioning

struggling to find the meaning in everything.


I am passionate and I am deep and even if I am

misunderstood, I'm finally okay with that."


By - Harshita Leela, XII-A