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From our childhood days we have been listening to the fact that books are men's best friend. Most of us, initially completely disagreed with this fact and consider books our biggest burden, our biggest enemy but later we realise the assets books are. Books not only provide us knowledge but also help us recognise our potentials and abilities. While reading books we travel to another part of the world which is full of magic and mystery, peace and beauty, war and  chaos, heroes and demons and so on. No matter what our age, inclination or position, books always help us interact with ourselves. Books also have qualities of love, affection, friendship, relationship and of hatred but above all they give rise to a new potential in us. 

But in today's world the importance of books is diminishing as leaves are getting replaced by e-books and online reading. Increasing technology is making people lazy and they don't want to make the effort of going to the library and getting a book issued.  Today the fingertips of men are not used to turning the pages of books but are used to working on glaring mobile screens. Ask yourself do the pages of books give you more happiness or the web pages. Everyone must have a different answer but for me reading real books always gives ineffable satisfaction. Also, do we realize that the mobile stresses our brain and eye.

 Do you remember the name of the first novel or story book you read in your life? Many of you might recall the name. Now Google that book and read it online. Would you have the same fun as you had when you touched the pages? For me the answer is 'no'. This clearly shows that when books are read online their special touch gets washed away.

In today's busy world we must take out some time for ourselves to read books. Betcha! you will have  great fun. No matter which book you are reading, you get attached to it and the book becomes close to your heart. The values that you learn from books are also unmatched. 

At last I would say-

“Books are like drugs with no danger of overdose and I am a happy victim of this drug."


Anirudh Singh, 10 H