Music At The Core Of Mankind

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Music At The Core Of Mankind

The universe works on the beats of music. Music is the inner core of our world just as God is the soul of a being.

For many eras, music, like poetry and prose had been an oral tradition. Musical references can be found across all historical periods, right from the beginning of evolution until now.

The trends in music and their popularity these days have been facilitated by various electronic gizmos. Besides the contribution of music in increasing empathy towards other cultures and building high self-esteem, it undoubtedly fabricates society and sharpens the intellect. 

Relieving mental fatigue is one of the key features of listening to music. More or less, it helps us think out of the box and develop spatial intelligence. 

As a music admirer, I think it allows us to perceive the world and encourages us to persevere, in addition to being no less than honey for our ears. 

Personally, I believe it is the path to better imprinting of information on young minds leading to mastery in memorization. It promotes craftsmanship and practising musical instruments can improve our hand-eye coordination, paving the way for non-mediocre work. It can serve juveniles in education and beyond.

Being a biology student, I prefer light and relaxing music as it releases high amounts of dopamine(feel good hormone). Listening to music together releases prolactin hormone which binds people together. Moreover, singing together leads to secretion of oxytocin hormone which generates feeling of trust.


      "Music is involved in every 

        region of brain scientists 

        have mapped so far."

                    -Dr. Daniel Levitin

So next time you feel drained out, bring on the dopamine!!


Written by_ Himanshika 11B