Obsession with Perfection

  • By Superadministrator
  • 1 year ago
  • student

Perfection is a stepping stone to achievement, what is sought by everyone, whereas obsession is a state when someone gets addicted to this perfection and is unable to face any sort of failure.


In striving for perfection, we should maintain our dignity and should not waver and never get obsessed because obsession leads to abnormal desire to accomplish something and we are unable to think beyond a specific thought. When we develop a sense of obsession we start wanting ourselves to be superior to others. We develop a mentality that what we think is the best and appropriate. When someone whom we think inferior does the same task efficiently we try to impede that person or we are jealous and we do not realise what we have done. This makes us selfish and the people who love us  start disliking us. All in all, obsession affects a person's behavior and personality and makes a person unpopular. After achieving perfection, prosperity is not in being self obsessed but  in making others perfect too.


  Yes, when we achieve perfection we should be confident in ourselves instead of being obsessed because obsession causes self destruction.