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Hey!! busy people out there!!! Just take out a minute from your clustered lives and have a glance at my new article!


Can you imagine any water body in India ( be it the Ganges or the Yamuna) with plenty of vivid brightly-coloured  prepossesing fish in it? Aah! It's hard to imagine. Right? And it's even hard to search for them in real. All because of our ignorant and careless attitude towards our Mother Earth🌎.

One of the major reasons for this is the rapid use of plastic in our day to day lives.

Plastic is rapidly  harming nature and its elements.

Among the five elements, water is also a  precious one .

Water bodies, an abode of all  marine lives, are being continuously contaminated by us.


Have you ever thought of the aquatic organisms even once before throwing garbage/waste products in lakes or rivers? Further, these rivers drain into the sea carrying all the contaminents along.

There is also a world under water, a little different from ours. But one thing is common between the world above water and  under water. Wondering what's that? Both of them are suffering from the damage caused by PLASTIC.

The thing is that the organisms living underwater cannot get rid of plastic and it is killing them everyday. Whereas,  We - The human beings, despite the capability, are not willing to get rid of this damage causing substance . Human beings have been selfish,  concerned only about themselves, worried about their  future generations yet they still have not  refrained from or limited  the use of plastic.

Day by day, the little cute fish present in the oceans & seas as well as the giant sharks are falling in numbers just because we are destroying their habitat by polluting it thoughtlessly. And suddenly on one special day like 22nd April we become responsible citizens. Do we seriously need a day or two in a year for improving our living conditions while we exploit the resources throughout the year? No,  Earth Days or Water Days  need to be celebrated everyday to stop the damage and make people aware of the harm they cause.

Shouldn't we be sensible enough to save resources and reduce water pollution everytime and in every  possible way? 

So, stretch out your arms this very moment and take a pledge - Say No to Plastic


By : Nandini

10th - A