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When you cannot accept her existence, expect her resistance. Women have already proven their worth by acing in innumerable fields when given the opportunity.  People say women are getting empowered when this opportunity is accessible only to a handful among millions of aspirants and that too with "restrictions." They have to know, *a long leash is not freedom.* 


There are countless restrictions imposed on women mainly the "dress code." A dress code for women will not create a safer society: not for women, not even for men, and definitely not for children. Restricting women’s freedom and mobility will not reduce crime against them. It will marginalize women further, tilt the balance of power in favour of men more than before and weaken society. Some time ago an MLA asked a state’s Chief Secretary to impose a ban on skirts as a part of school uniform and replace it with trousers or salwar kameez. When questioned on his statement, he said that his intention was to keep school girls away from “men’s lustful eyes”. In his words, “It is not a Taliban type of thinking or restriction on girls’ freedom or rights but a concern for their safety.” Instead of educating boys and men, restrictions are imposed on women! His concern might sound sincere to some, but his solution to ban skirts in school uniform is nothing but, to repeat his words, “a Taliban-type of thinking”. However subtly these sentiments are worded, these are regressive attempts to blame women for the assaults on them and to demand that women conform to a lifestyle that makes them safe in a male-dominated society. It’s basically asking women to hide for their survival. Such retrogressive steps have never worked, and will not work in the future. 


 Across the religious divide, women are staking their claim to equality and causing a dent in one of the strongest bastions of patriarchy. Is any authority governing a place of public worship empowered to prohibit women’s entry?! If yes, then it  is a clear violation of the constitutional mandate of equality, an issue  our courts will have to decide in the near future. The verdict will be a landmark ruling within Constitutional law and will have a far-reaching impact upon women’s rights in other spheres as well. At one end is a petition filled by the Indian Young Lawyers' Association seeking a direction for striking down the rule of barring women from the renowned Sabarimala Ayyappa temple in Kerala. While hearing this petition, a three judge bench of the Supreme Court questioned the basis of such a prohibition. 


The status of women all over the world is a cause of grave concern. India as a country is popular as a male chauvinistic nation. In theory women are given first priority in India however in practice they are badly treated in the family and society. They are limited only to household chores and looking after their family. They are kept totally unaware of their rights and deprived of development. The people of India personify this country as “Bharat-Mata” however they never realized the true meaning of it. At last, to conclude I would say - A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.