Mrs. Annie Cherian :
An M.A. in History, she resigned her position as lecturer of a college in order to start a school for children of Jodhpur. She was actively involved in the school since its inception. Known for her gentleness as well as firmness, Her avowed purpose in life seemed to be the all round welfare of students and the staff. Her personal guidance helped a very large number of the senior students of the school. She was the principal until her untimely death in May 2004.

Mr. Joseph John :
An M.B.A., Mr. Joseph John worked for many years in a private company. He quickly rose to the position of branch manager of the company. His excellence in financial management was quickly recognised by the company. In 1992 he was persuaded to come and be the manager of St. Anne's. The construction of the school building owes a great deal to him. He has ensured efficiency and commitment of the staff working under him. In a very real sense he is irreplaceable.

Mrs. Annamma Abraham :
Mrs. Annamma Abraham had been principal of St. Anne's ever since the untimely death of Mrs. Annie Cherian in May 2004, she resigned from the post of principal in June 2014.  Before Mrs. Abraham joined St. Anne's as Vice Principal in 1995, she was a Senior Teacher of Chemistry in St. Patrick's girls school, Jodhpur. All the former students, some of them lady doctors, talk of her as the best science teacher they have ever had. As principal of the school, Mrs. Abraham has been assiduous in ensuring a high quality in the teaching that is done in the school. She has taken over as Director, Academics from July 2014.

Mrs. Tessy Joseph :
A B.A., B.Ed., Mrs. Tessy Joseph had many years of experience as a teacher before she joined St. Anne's. Hard working and methodical, she ensures the smooth running of the junior classes of the school. Her involvement with her students is evident from the fact that she organises various interesting extra curricular activities for them. As Headmistress of the Junior Section she gets work done with quiet efficiency.

Mr. Cherian Alexander :
Mr. Cherian Alexander  was the manager of the junior wing of the school - St. Anne's Prep School. K.G., Prep, Class I & II are in the Prep School. Mr. Alexander had made the Prep School premises into something extraordinarily beaus obviously succeeded in providing a beautiful environment for the little children. The parents of the children of the Prep School are always full of admiration for what he had done. It seems looking to the welfare and development of the Prep School had become his consuming passion. He resigned from the post in june 2013.

Mrs. Valsa George :
Mrs. Valsa George is the Headmistress of St. Anne's Prep School. Efficient and strict as an administrator, she is at the same time considerate and understanding. Very realistic in her approach she has been a guide to the teachers and her pupils.

Dr. Abraham John :
Dr. Abraham John was the Executive Director of Academics & extra curricular activities. His involvement with the school was such that he had taken on the responsibility of admission to the school and also he had been a helpful guide to the teachers of English. In fact he had involved himself in the teaching of both the teachers and the students. He certainly was a presence on the campus of the school. He resigned from the post in June 2013.

Dr. George John :
Dr. George John had been involved in the construction work of the school. He helped to bring out the school's news sheet, the News Line. He was the Executive Director of Projects and was always willing to help the school in whatever way possible. He resigned from the post in June 2013.

Mr. Anand George :
Mr. Anand George is an Assistant Manager of the school. He has helped in the construction work of the school and also helped to install the website for the school in addition to organising the Audio Visual facility in the school. He has almost single handedly ensured the smooth functioning of our beanch at Akhey Niwas.

Miss Jessie John :
Miss Jessie John has all the twenty three years of school been of enormous assistance in the teaching of the K.G. children of the Prep School. Almost every year she gets the prestigious prize for the teacher who never is absent from school even for a day.

Dr. Madhu Anand :
Dr. Madhu Anand is a member of the management. She assists Professor George John  and Mr. Anand George in administering the new school establish by St. Anne’s School Society, in Akhey Niwas. 

Dr. John Abraham :
A  B.E(Computer Science), M.S. (Computer Science), M.S.(Mathematical Sciences), Ph.D.(Mathematics), Dr. John Abraham taught university students Computer Science in the USA and Mathematics in the UAE, before joining St. Anne's School as Director, Academics in July, 2013. He took over as Principal of the school in July 2014. He believes in the concept of inclusive education where the marginalized of society are given an equal playing field to compete

Mr. Vijay George
A Post Graduate in Hotel Management Systems (Canada) has worked in St. Anne’s as Assistant Manager from 2000-2002. He joined St. Anne’s Prep School as Manager since July 2013.

Mrs. Sheela Vijay
A Teacher and Administrator has worked in St. Anne’s from 1998-2004. She joined as Academic Co-ordinator in July 2013 and is  Headmistress Primary wing since July 2014.