• Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Kunal Agarwal of class XII Scored highest grade across Rajasthan in 2014 IAIS  conducted by MACMILLAN

Divesh Uttamchandani of class XII qualified the KYVP Exams IInd level.

Mudit Verma and Harshil Choudhary qualified the NTSE second stage exams.

Mudit Verma and Harshil Choudhary of Class XI and Param Mangal , Kanishk and Shubham (left) have qualified the NTSE 2014  II Stage  .

In the science quiz - 2015 held at Defence Laboratory Jodhpur on 10th Feb. 2015, following students had secured ranks :

Mudit Verma , class XI (3rd position)

Rudraksh Chhangani , Class IX(2nd Position)


Basketball   -        Ankit Choudhary was selected to Attend National level Competition in R.B.S.E. Tournament.

                                Gymnastics -        Archi Singhvi (class XII) and Ayushi Taparia participated in S.G.F.I.                                        National level tournament held at  Delhi and Kolkata.

Softball       -        Avyansh Singh (class VIII) and Siddharth Siyag  (class VI) participated in Poni National Championship

held at Indore (M.P.)

Karate         -       1. Jeeshan Ali                Class IX

                             2. Shreyansh                  Class IX

                             3. Prithvi Raj Pillai        Class VII

                             4. Pradhuman Panwar   Class IV

                             Participated in International Karate Championship  held at Goa.

                             1. Jeeshan Ali                Class IX

                             2. Shreyansh Phophaliya        Class IX

                             3. Abhijeet Bishnoi        Class VII

                             4. Akash Dadhich          Class VI

                             5. Sambhav Phophaliya Class V

                             6. Pradhuman Panwar   Class IV

                             Participated in 27 All India Karate Federation tournament held at Jaipur.