A Perspective on Kindness

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A Perspective on Kindness


Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Kindness who?

Kindness you.

There is a very true and wise statement which says: if you can be anything in the world, be kind.

When I was a kid, I never understood the meaning of being kind. I thought kindness was the same as speaking something in a polite manner; many a time I spoke really mean things in a very soft voice and tried to make myself feel better by saying _ this is what kindness is.

An Act of Compassion__ will it be called kindness? Or would the person being kind called  a kind person? Ha-ha! Perspective!

There is a very fine line between being kind and between appearing to be kind. Being kind is not an action, but an intention, an intention that must be deeply rooted in us since childhood. But if it were really rooted, then why do we need to be taught to be kind?

If kindness was as easy as it could be taught, then why is there a need to write an essay about it? Because actions may be taught, but intentions are not.

If I am good, people would like me the way I am. But maybe some people would not find me good. Yet, because I want them to like me, I would act nice to them. Hence, our fake actions are sort of kind.

On the other hand, if my intentions are right, I may not be faking my kindness. My acts of service would show in it itself. Kindness is not something which we give and take in equal amounts; it is something which can only grow and multiply.

In my experience, love is another name for kindness. Love is basic human nature with which we allare born. When we serve others, we are not only being kind and loving to them, but to ourselves. It was when I started to be genuinely kind to people that I no longer needed to feel guilty or try to rationalize my kindness. When my kindness came from the heart, and not from ego, that kindness no longer felt forced, but natural, like water flowing in a river.

Kindness for me is everything, from thanking god for this beautiful morning to being genuinely understanding and kind, and giving away a lollipop to a 2-year-old who is crying.

For people the act of thanking is gratitude, and the act of sharing the lollipop is care, no doubt in that.

But are they not just forms of kindness?!

Fake it till you make it! And I am sure, kindness will become a part of us!

A world of complete kindness is definitely a dream, but this dream has chances of becoming a reality.

Whatever can be imagined, has the ability to become a reality.


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