A Splash of Colours

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A Splash of Colours


Blades of grass silver in the cold dawn,

And I shiver thinking of the future about to unfold,

Uncertain of the dreams I dream,

Afraid to venture beyond societal seams.


I dream a fanciful world,

I dream Arcadian life,

Bereft of disease, crime or toil;

A life of mirth and merriment,

Of freedom free of parochial bonds.


I sigh, disquiet alight on my breath...

I look about then_ at nature, at life,

I find no straight lines, no symmetry,

Yet a splendid, colourful tapestry.

I look at the winking, inscrutable sky,

Hiding in dark recesses sources of elevating light.

I notice a squirrel's imperfectly striated furs,

I notice a parrot with its riot of colours,

Its gaze trained at me, unblinking, unafraid.


In a surge of inspiration, I dream a world again,

Imperfect, fearless and full of hidden charm.


I dream a world not lacklustre due to toil,

But one which is living and thriving,

And ever sculpting itself to excellence.

Possessing flavour and spice,

And quenching its flames of imparity,

Through streams of debate and discourse,

And acceptance and tolerance.


A world with irregular symmetry,

A world giddy with adventurous gaiety, yet also,

In its sombre, blinking tears, reflecting frailty.


Filled with fearless parrot's blue, red and green

Filled also with blacks, whites and greys,

The future ahead__ a spectrum of shades,

a range of hues, a splash of colours all in between!


Written By:

Yashvi Dhaddha,