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Crushing the howling alarm, I wake up in the morning. As usual.

With narrowed eyes,

after a couple tries,

I discover my slippers.


I herd them together like sheep and cows, get them on, and move to open the window, to answer sunlight's knock, and to let fresh air come in.

But there is no window.


I look behind.

None there too.

I hope it's my room only.

Then it hits me...the govt. order to seal up all windows.

Makes sense...


I get ready and hang the helpless bag on my slumped shoulders.

After donning masks and gloves, I move out. I'm glad I won't live long enough to wear a spacesuit.


A moment ago I expected a bright day with singing birds.

All I found was a dark sky haunting the earth. No birds, no songs, no life.


All expectations were crushed. As usual...


I think I must stop reading too much history.

I involuntarily wave for a cab.

None stop. Because there aren't ANY. No wheels on road.

I sigh. These govt. bans are getting on my nerves.

I walk with the gloomy sky hanging over me like a familiar ghost.

It's funny that you could get sick by some light out of the the docs say...some radiation stuff...


I see the green shrubs and trees. I walk over and touch the bark.

I laugh at my stupidity.

Crafted plastics look so real these days...


Never had I the chance, 

to watch and touch a real tree,

Never had I the chance,

To gaze at a sky: bright, and sorrow free.


All left were pictures to show,

How the world ages before looked,

When the fate of earth turned bleak and low,

When by greedy men, was the nature hooked.


Technology is meant to sustain the world, not the other way round.

It is there to be used, and not misused.


Nostalgia takes over.

I forget my daily chores, and I wish all of it were a dream...a nightmare...


Someone hears my wish. 

'Something' rather.


Crushing the howling alarm, I wake up in the morning. 

As usual.....


By_ Prabhat Singh