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As the conjurer in me summoned the chimera,

The dark hour lit with the glow in my mind’s eye,

Every nook lit up in the dark isle, the horizon turned

 a shady yellow,

Legions of visions in swift velocity,

Materialised in the mind’s territory

With a yearning for the world I could will for myself.


Oh; it isthe world where remembrance is not wisdom,

Where life is not a stethoscope, or a code

or a formula or a currency or a machine or a mode,

A world where being a boy I can cry, I can cook,

 I can sing, dance, rejoice andrest,

 A world where I amjudged by my beauty and

not by my looks.


A world where I canbe a madcap andstill be sane,

 It’s a world to see, but a heaven to feel.

 I am a free soul, with the horizons to explore,

And not set in moulds made to fit in.

The farther I go the deeper I move towards me,

Sinking in my feelings, in the yearnings of my mind,

But madeto live with my expressions andperceptions.

Isolated from my own real self,

Thinking of the reasons I could survive and suffice,

 In a world of wrongs and rights.


Alongside the distant ringing morning bells,

The disk has turned a mellow red.


The night is gone, the night is history;

But the dream… The dream is thefuture.

And the future is the infinitude.


Written By:

Yash Pratap Singh Deora

Class_ 11 A