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I walk alone on crusty lawns on a crispy dawn of autumn, wandering about like a honeybee looking for a scent.

I bend down and pick up a dusty leaf from the muddy ground, and observe it. Half-torn, creased, yellowish-brown with black spots..... didn't look much remarkable, that leaf. I'm one dissatisfied customer of a lucky draw, so I pick another one. A line of disappointment forms on my face as I examine my new prize. So I let both the prizes glide down to where they belong. I raise my gaze to sweep the park in a single glance, and see the golden world sprawled across me. It is painted in hues of yellow and orange, with the newly born sun shedding it's red cloak to slide into the yellow one.

I see and absorb everything around me, and wonder how the leaves so ugly and tired of decay come together to create a place so beautiful......how the tiny imperfections all come together to be a grand perfection...

The honeybee got it's scent.

I knew what glue has kept us attached, bonded together into such a close family, a unit since the day we met.

I realized it is not the perfection of our selves, but the imperfections, that have helped us know each other, remember each other, to laugh at each other, and be a family in not just the formal sense, but in the true sense after all.

So here it is, dedicated to everyone I know and I've met. 

Here's to our bond,

Here's to our friendship,

Here's to our imperfections...



Written by_ Prabhat Singh