The conscientiousness conundrum

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The conscientiousness conundrum
How can I be okay with knowing that the world is anything but constant?

How can I be fine with the fact that , everything I believe and stand for , can amount to zero- in lesser time than it takes for a tree to flail when a soft blow of wind caresses it , causing it to dance with a motion that renders it carefree.

How can I ever accept that every reason I have to live can fade just as easily as words written on sand , touched by the tranquil blue sea and smoothened out, like they never existed in the first place .

How can I be fine with the fact that in a world run by knowledge , oblivion not only exists , but can sometimes be a wiser option to choose .

But here I stand , strong and still - but filled with hope.
Hope not of the world one day changing into a wish-granting factory straight out of a fairytale ;
but of me being steady enough to face it- and feel.

Of me being vulnerable enough to feel- but strong enough to not let it drive me entirely .

And hope of the pink sky telling me that change can be beautiful too ;

And the soft, rustling breeze convincing me to keep on moving , slowly albeit gracefully, nomatterwhat.

The storms teaching me that sometimes the only way past , is through.

And the yellowing autumn leaves being an epitome of how sometimes end is only an indicator -and a catalyst-of new beginnings.

And here I stand on the terrace, as I see the sun hide behind the trees, sure to come out tomorrow , making a pattern that would put Michelangelo's  paintings to shame. 

And here I am, seeing the birds fly in intriguingly pretty patterns, watching the sky change colours with an admiration I can barely describre, a heart filled with love-for everyone and everything-but mostly for the Universe itself.

And all I can do is be grateful to the universe, each moment , everyday-- and yet somehow that will never seem enough.

Written by_ Shreya Singh, 12B