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I stare into the darkness and I see two worlds:
The first one makes your toes and fingers curl,
death deprivation and sorrow,
and glimpses of a scary tomorrow; 
it makes you cold and desperate,
and leaves you thinking it's all on fate.

The second one is blank and new,
like the canvas of an artist true.
Ready to be made into something new-
in shades and colours of greens and blues,
depicting the mighty Creator's cue.

I see them- None.
And I see them- Both.
And I see this world's splendid growth.
I cannot help but be surprised,
after I learn what all is prized.
There're jewels and silks and money and land;
but also dusty helping hands.
There're silver dimes and pretty wind chimes,
but also prevalent gruesome crimes.
From a commoner's slouch to a kings mighty gait;
you can find it all if you watch and wait.
From life to death, from smiles to frowns;
From old torn dresses to sumptuous crowns.

What's better? None, I say.
From beds of roses to prickling hays.
I watch the contrast and I watch it all end fast;
With the knowledge of nature's law,
that every splendid existence must have its own flaw;
The sun now rises, a new day begins;
as I gather the newfound wisdom of all my little hints.
And perhaps with this poem written,
I can look back afresh and again be smitten-
by the Cosmos' myriad of ranges 
and how the world inevitably varies and changes.

Written by _ Shreya Singh