The School Feast Day

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  • 2 years ago
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Our school celebrates its foundation day to honor its establishment.
26th July, is  a day in the year when we meet together as a whole school and we do this to remember and express our gratitude to our founders for their  wisdom and ambition in establishing a school in Jodhpur. 
St. Anne's School was established in 1980.

The school has all along been guided by the aim to develop educational excellence by using suitable methods, supplement curricular work with co-curricular activities to create social responsibility.
This day gives us a sense of mission and purpose.We celebrate so that we do not forget the vision of the people who established it, so that we renew the vision which has inspired the school for the last 39 years.  There are many who gave so much to the school over the years; it is therefore about remembering and honoring all who have served to make the school the place it is today.

On the school’s birthday, we celebrate the gift of  outstanding education.

So on this happy Founder’s Day let us all recognise the debt we owe to ST. ANNE'S for providing us all with the opportunity to learn and work in such a positive, scholarly and exciting school.

Happy birthday, ST. ANNE'S

Written by_ Ms. Rekha Bhandari