The Conscientiousness Conundrum

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The        Conscientiousness          Conundrum


Can I be okay with the world being anything but

constant? And the fact that, all that I believe in

and stand for, can amount to zero in lesser timethan

it takes a tree to flail in the soft caressing blow?

Can I accept that every reason I live for can fade,

Justas easily as words on sand, smoothened out bythe

tranquil blue sea? But here I stand, strong and still,

filled with hope. Hope not of the world changinginto

a wish-granting factory straight from a fairy tale

But of me being steady enough to face it_ and feel.

Of being vulnerable enough to feel

But strong enough to not be driven by it entirely.

And hope of the pink sky telling me that change

can be beautiful, and the soft, rustling breeze

convincing me to keep moving on, slowly, albeit

gracefully, no matter what. And the storms teaching

me that sometimes the only way past, is through.

And the yellowing autumn leaves being only an

indicator of an end and a catalyst of new beginnings.

With the weight of my current thoughts hanging

over my heart, I dream… of a world

not astoundingly perfect, but one where love is seen.

Where people can laugh and cry, outside of

their souls, un-enslaved by pride or despair,

And yet have the spirit that remains unconquered.

I see a world just as it is, with all its flaws,

chaos and beauty, all brewing in a pot to

give birth to life as we know it.

Enchanted by the magic

of my newfound truth, I stand, strong and still,

but filled with hope; watching,hiding in the trees,

the sun (that’s sure to come out tomorrow)

making a pattern that would put Michelangelo

to shame. Watching the birds fly in intriguinglypretty

patterns, watching the sky in an admiration I can

barely describe. With a heart filled with love for

the Cosmos itself, all I can do is be grateful to

the Universe, each moment, every day__ and yet

somehow I know, my gratitude to Creation

would never seem enough…


Written By:

Shreya Singh, Class 11B