Trip to Adlabs Imagica

  • By Savita Shekhawat
  • Fri 09, 11 2018

St. Anne’s Adlab’s Imagica Trip

(9th Nov 2018 to 14th Nov 2018)

Trip to Imagica was a joyous occasion for one and all. It was wholesome, interesting and a very convenient trip. The fun there begins to never end. The rides of Imagica Them Park are total fun they are really funky & spectacular. Students enjoyed a lot they also had a wonderful time at Imagica Snow Park with real snowfall, sub – zero temperature and the snow slide. We all enjoyed a live D.J. Party with colorful musical fountains and a grand carnival parade. Every single member in the group not indulged in different extraordinary experiences and rolling fun. The fun in the air, the excitement of the rides and the lovely food everything made our mood to the heights. This joy of children spending time in a fantasy world is incredibly good for bonding them all together. It created lovely memories to be cherished forever.



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