Mathematics Quiz for Class VI to VIII, 2021-22

  • Wed 01, 12 2021

St. Anne’s Sr. Sec. School


Mathematics Quiz 2021-22


Mathematics is the key to all sciences and quiz is a brief assessment used in education to measure growth in knowledge, abilities and skills. It helps to enhance the interest in the students towards the subject and also creates a conductive environment to work in groups outside the classroom.It also provides a challenging and engaging mathematical experience that is both competitive and educational.


Mathematics Quiz was conducted in our school on 1st December 2021 and students of middle section from Class 6th to Class 8th participated in the Quiz.


The winners are as follows:


VI A: Shivraj S Jhala                                  VII A: Medhanshu Dave

VI B: Shadwal                                            VII B: ChetanChoudhary

VI C: KanishkRanjan                                 VII C: Prateek Jain

VI D: YashrajRathi                                              ManikSrivastava

VI E: AnshSurana                                      VII D: KanavTiwari

KavyaHaswani                                 VII E: GarimaPoonia

VI F: Nayan JoshiKanakJangu

VII F: AnshumanVyas




VIII A: Ganesh Saran                         

VIII B: SuryanshChoudhary

VIII C: PankajYadav

VIII D: Naveen Singh

VIII E: SarthakBajpal

VIII F: TomrikaSudhap


VIII G: MohitAgarwal

VIII H: Digvijay Singh




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