SCIENCE QUIZ 2019-20 (Class XI and XII)

SCIENCE QUIZ 2019-20 (Class XI and XII)

  • Sat 23, 11 2019

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

The Annual Science Quiz for classes XI-XII was held on Nov 14, 2019. Team A,B,C and D were formed by assorting students from the two science sections of each of the classes XI and XII . Thus all the students of the sections were the participants.

The quiz began by introductions to some of the eminent men of science from India. As the questions appeared on the screen the students were seen to accept the challenge and make an attempt judiciously.

Questions from Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer science were arranged in sixteen rounds. The last round was the experiment round supported by visuals.

The excitement and enthusiasm filled the auditorium during the progress of the event. The students and the teachers cheered and applauded the winners as the results were announced. Team A was declared the winners overall.

The quiz master appreciated the enthusiasm and involvement of the participants and thanked them all for their cooperation. The class ten students earned special praise for help in organising the event.


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