The School Auditorium, an important part of the school’s infrastructure, serves as a staging area for a variety of activities held throughout the academic year.The Auditorium has a seating capacity of 1000 people, which can easily be extended when needed to accommodate 1200 people. The stage is clearly visible even from the far end of the Auditorium. A microphone and audio-set which includes normal and cordless microphones and the wall mounted speakers provide an even distribution of sound throughout the hall with superb acoustics. The School Auditorium is used as staging area for many extra-curricular activities and competitions held in the school. The Auditorium morphs into an examination hall during various competitive, entrance and Board exams. The auditorium has become a part and parcel of the students’ life. It is a platform for the nurturing and enrichment of our students’ many abilities and talents. It is the most appropriate venue for a variety of new events that the school can now play host to.