Needs of students and faculty members of St. Anne’s School Jodhpur are being catered by 2 different libraries. 1. The Siddharth Reading Hall 2. Shrimant Reading Hall The two brightly lit, well ventilated halls provide a warm and noise- free atmosphere for reading. The Siddharth reading hall caters to the junior students and the Srimant reading hall is for the seniors. The library has an assortment of books, journals, periodicals, newspapers and audio-visual media. The reading material is constantly updated with the new releases. There is a rich collection of books and students and teachers have an easy access to it, but certain books are only for reference purpose and borrowing privilege is not provided for them. Apart from the library period, with a teacher’s permission, a student can visit the library anytime during the school hours. The library is open during the vacation too.