Mathematics Club

supported academic group dedicated to serve the needs and interests of all students interested in mathematics. Important aspects of learning mathematics is mastering practical techniques such as addition, division, measurement and so on. Another aspect of doing mathematics involves creativity and imagination. Objective : 1. To help students to have positive attitude towards mathematics. 2. To stimulate children’s mathematical curiosity. 3. To promote a holistic development of students through the games and puzzles. 4. To further study of mathematics beyond the classroom instruction and to regard mathematics as an integral part of their life. 5. To assist, stimulate and develop students interest in mathematics. 6. To stimulate thinking. Activities : 1. Maths puzzles, crossword puzzles, riddles, tricky questions. 2. Concept of Bank transaction (FD, RD, saving account , current transactions). 3. Mathematical games 4. Measuring diagonal distance of a quadrangle. 5. Number of revolutions made by a cycle wheel while covering distance of a given path. 6. Easy method of multiplication. 7. Magic squares. 8. Unit System 9. Use compass ( for direction) 10. Estimation. 11. To find width of river using the concept of congruence of triangles. 12. To find the actual height using the concept of similar triangles. 13. To find the length without using measuring tape. ( Use of hand span, cubit and foot). 14. To find height and distance using sext