Computer Lab

The heart of ST. ANNE'S technical work is made up of the three computer laboratories-Senior lab, junior lab and Teacher’s lab. The students are groomed to face the tough challenge of the world of computers they will have to face later on. Some of the skills taught to the senior secondary and secondary classes are: Java on Netbeans, C++ Programming, My SQL, HTML, XML, Networking concepts, MS Office , Photo-editing, Movie making and so on. The students of the Middle School enjoys learning Power point presentation, Programming in QBasic, general information on MS Office. And juniors are initiated into computers through Paint, MS Office, LOGO (introductory) and Wordpad among others. More emphasis is towards using the freeware softwares ( Java, Netbeans, C++, OpenOffice, Qbasic etc.) and Operating system ( BOSS, Ubuntu version Of Lynux). The senior secondary curriculum offers two subject choices for the students in computers – Computer Science and Information Practices. The students are made to work on various projects right from class IX onwards. The students also participate in various competitions to show there prowess.