Technological advancement has created a virtual world and our children have drifted away from outdoor activities. Gone are the days when we could find children running around in the playgrounds, climbing trees and enjoying the bounties of nature. With time, the role of schools has widened, schools have to open the windows to the world that lies beyond the internet, chatting on so-called “social” networking websites. Blessed are the children who get an exposure to outdoor adventure activities in their schools. St. Anne’s School has a group of teachers who are also enterprising adventure enthusiasts trying to provide to the student community myriad dimensions into personal growth and learning through various adventure activities, trips and tours. The activities are multifarious - not just about sight-seeing, the contents also include team-building, resourcefulness and developing and widening one’s perspective. It’s is about daring, exploring, living fully and being in harmony with everything around us. To achieve the aforementioned goals, the school organizes adventure camps and educational excursions from time to time. These include white-water rafting, camping, rock climbing and rappling, visit to science centers, places of historical and cultural interests etc. and so on, in order to give the students an insight into various educational fields.