Drawing Club

Everyone is born an artist. This natural gift is oftenneglected. The club aims to encourage originality, spontaneity and liberty with regard to convention and received ideas. Object drawing and still life composition can develop their sense of observing and revealing. Line, shape, form and colour and colour mixing and matching, strokes and tones. Besides having a lot of fun, it develops children’s creativity and encourages imagination. With plenty of imagination, a child can master the painting techniques easily and produce a satisfactory result. Understanding the world we live is a good way to achieve harmony with our environment. Activities : 1. Drawing (animals, still life etc.) in crayons, watercolours and all pastels. 2. Arts and crafts, clay , masks, paper art etc. according to age of the students. 3. File painting. 4. Warli Art – Tribal art expression of their culture and events. 5. Glass Painting and design. 6. Sketching 7. Ceramic Painting 8. T- Shirt Painting.