Scouts and Guides Club

This club is a group activity programme which is service based. To be of service to the society is the main goal of this organization. Scouting and guiding provides physical, mental, social and spiritual development to the students and makes them better citizens of tomorrow. Its an educational movement regulated in a play-way method among the children, which inculcates leadership qualities , all-round development and feeling of brotherhood and co-operation in them. It also brings them close to their natural environment and springs up environmental awareness. Activities (Theory and Practical) 1. Prayer 2. Pledge 3. Rules and Principles of scouting and guiding 4. Flag Song 5. National anthem 6. Scout/ guide Badge and Symbol 7. Rules related to the National flag and flag ceremony. 8. Gardening/ Plantation. 9. Voluntary Services 10. Parade / March Past.