Primary Section


The Primary Curriculum is designed so as to encourage and enable the students to achieve the very best that lies within each one of them and to bring out unique strength and ability in each of them as well. It lays stress on development of linguistic, mathematical and experiential skills. Engagement in computers, arts and craft, music and dance, mind games, outdoor activities, intellectual interaction, yoga and games etc. form an integral part of the Primary School schedule and are actively encouraged to develop multiple skills and intelligencies.


The students of the Primary Section do not have examinations. There is Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in the form of Five Assessments covering the entire range of the academic year. The basis of these five assessments is as follows:

I.Evaluation I
  • A.Assessment I -July

  • B.Assessment II - September

  • C.Assessment III - November

II.Evaluation II
  • A.Assessment IV - January

  • B.Assessment V - March

In each assessment students are evaluated in

1.Reading Skill 1.Reading Skill - - - - Skill -
Writing Skill
Written Work
Writing Skill
Written Work
Written work Written work Written work Written work Aptitude Written work
3.Speaking Skills
3.Speaking Skills
Tables - - - - -
Activity/Project Activity/Project Activity/Project Activity/Project Activity/Project Activity/Project - -

The six point scale for indicating the achievement in the assessments is in the following order

A+ Outstanding 90% - 100%
A Excellent 80% - 89%
B Very Good 65% - 79%
C Good 55% - 64%
D Average 35% - 54%
E Below Average Below 35%
Personality development

The development of the personality of the child is evaluated twice a year on the basis of :
Care of Belongings
Sharing & Caring
Respect for other’s Property
Self Control
Spirit of service

The Health Club

“If one starts caring for their health when young, they will have ample reason to smile later”

The Health Clubwas set up in 2008 to develop healthy attitudes and enhance life skills to overcome the multiple health problems affecting school children.The club aims to incorporate better understanding over general health and hygiene issues through daily learning and teach the students the techniques of yoga and meditation from an early stage.

All the students of this wing are members of this club. Two students from each section of class III , IV and V are selected as its representatives. These representatives ensure that the students follow clean and regular habits, oral hygiene & get fresh nutricious food in the lunch box.

Health Cardsare used as a guideline to provide parents and community members with information related to the student’s fitness and general health aspects.

The Student Council

The student Council of the Primary Wing comprises 30 Cabinet representatives.The representatives are nominated twice a year on the basis of leadership, responsibility and discipline.They assist in maintaining discipline both in and outside the classroom. The students are trained in leadership under the watchful eyes of their teachers, guiding them when they falter.This training in leadership received at such a tender age will go a long way in moulding the right type of leaders of tomorrow that we can be proud of. They are the torch bearers of our vast country engulfed in the darkness of communal hatred, power mongering and corruption.